About Me

Even before I became a Story Grid Certified Editor (2021), or graduated with an MFA in fiction (2009) or a BA in English Literature (2005), I have always been an absolute story nerd.

I first learned to read at about age three and I've never stopped since. I read a book a week on average - but I'm also not ashamed to admit that I binge-watch because that's another excellent way to ingest/learn about story. (One of my recent binge favorites is Fortitude, a thriller combining natural-and-super-natural horror, crime, political-corporate espionage, and polar bears!)

I love well told stories of all genres. But my favorite genres are horror, thriller, and worldview novels, and memoirs, especially by writers who identify as outsiders or underdogs in some way. I'm currently working on an essay collection about being the sort-of-queer and very agnostic descendant of some of the first Mormons to settle in the Utah territory.

I belong to a dedicated writers group who've published numerous stories, essays, novels, memoirs, and anthologies. My own short stories and essays have appeared in literary journals. I was once nominated for a Pushcart Prize for a story in upstreet, based in Massachusetts. I didn't win but it was a great reason to read to a crowd in the Boston Public Library.

I am a Rotarian because I heartily support Rotary International's work to improve the lives of children around the world, especially their campaigns to foster literacy.

I believe that language is a superpower (hence the name for my business).

And I'm also a big fan of: classic Cadillacs, Johnny Cash songs, strong coffee; social justice; supporting my local craft breweries; talking to dogs - especially my scruffy terrier-mix Lana; running-slowly-while-looking-like-I'm-about-to-die-but-doing-it-anyway; traveling - especially in Baja Mexico; being anywhere with my best friend/spouse Matthew.

my spouse and I running along the Poudre river in Colorado
Lana - scruffy terrier extraordinaire
Me and my husband, Matthew in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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