“J’s assistance with customer communications was crucial to crafting a clear and concise mitigation approach for our customers. She was able to compile the disparate messages from technical, support, and product management teams into a unified and easily understood communication for the customer.”

Ehrin Graim, Project Manager

“J has the experience, but most impressively, the INTUITIVE ability to synthesize complex topics from various sources to determine what is most important to transfer knowledge to the customer! She’s not kidding when she says “using language to help others is my super power”! 

Tara Stubert, Curriculum Manager

“I unequivocally and personally recommend J for any position which requires communicating complex or interesting ideas through multiple flavors of media. Her experience with content creation, video editing, blogging, and technical writing instantly make her a necessary part of any team, and I can say with confidence that she will excel in any position in which she finds herself. “

Jacob Meacham, Engineer
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